Unlocking The Text


A chance to pick up some useful tips and practise on how to pull text apart and mine each script for all the possibilities it has to offer.


How to discover the high and lows, the shifts, the driving forces behind the scene and the characters. These will then help reveal the style and rhythm of the writing as well as encourage your instincts and imagination to help open up your acting choices. Useful for both sight-reading in auditions as well as working in the rehearsal room. 


This is not a lecture. We will work on the scripts together. You will have the opportunity to put the ideas into action, comment and ask questions as we go along, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Great for both sight-reading at auditions and working in the rehearsal room.


The workshops will last for 90 minutes each on Zoom and cost £7.50. Pay What You Can on the Tuesday 2nd June session. There will be a maximum of 8 people taking part and I will supply all necessary texts. 


Current dates of workshops:                Friday 29th May 10.30am     -      Full 

                                                             Tuesday 2nd June 10.30am  -     Spaces available

                                                             Thursday 4th June 2pm        -     Spaces available


If you are interested and would like to book or would just like further information, please contact me on:  or  07976557802