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Christian can run a wide selection of classes for groups or individuals as well creating bespoke training workshops to suit whatever the actor or student is looking for. Below, are some examples of the type of coaching that is available. Please contact, Christian, with any questions. 



Tweets re: previous workshops: 

'Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop this afternoon @pcdurham ! It was so insightful and enjoyable'    MC

'Massive thank you @pcdurham for your 'Unlocking the Text' workshop this afternoon. So interesting and valuable to find other layers within scenes! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to stay connected during lockdown.     HH

'Thank you so much @pcdurham I shall be approaching text in a new way. See you next time!'    LRB

'Bravery In Acting' Classes

One-off or weekly series of online classes that encourage the performer to be more courageous in their acting, while still playing truthfully and honestly. Using a variety of different texts and scenes, the classes can help you free yourself from the fear of failing and discover how far you can reach in your choices. This happens in a supportive and friendly environment that allows you to explore, discover and enjoy your expanding range as a performer.

Each workshop is tailored to the individuals who attend. I will have a variety of scenes and texts available but it may also be possible to cover scripts that you are currently working on. There will be plenty of time to practice and take part plus also learn from watching your fellow actors. 

Class length can be from 2hours through to all day. 

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email me on or call on 07976 557 802. 
















Approaching Monologues


A group (Part 1) + A private coaching session (Part 2) 

The need to speak keeps cropping up in plays, auditions, musicals and life. And before you know it, you are in the middle of a speech. But how do you approach a monologue when it's just staring at you from the page? 

This workshop gives you techniques and time to help lift any speech up off the page. To take the written word and create a connected, intriguing, moving and 3-dimensional 'revealing' of a character's mind. Useful tips for when you are working in the rehearsal room, preparing for an audition, applying for Drama Schools or even booked to do some Public Speaking. 

The Class comprises of 2 distinct sections: 

Part 1: A session where a small group of actors comes together to explore a single speech. To put into practise the ideas that can make a monologue into a living, exciting example of storytelling. 

Part 2: On a later date, a 45 minute 1-2-1 session with Christian to work on an individual speech. During the time in-between, you will be able to apply what you have learnt in Part 1 to your chosen speech. Then when we come together for your individual session, we can really dig into the heart and soul of your monologue.   

For more information, please contact me on or 07976 557 802


Unlocking The Text 

An introduction to useful tips, approaches and practise on how to pull text apart and mine each script for all the possibilities it has to offer.


How to discover the high and lows, the shifts, the driving forces behind the scene and the characters. These will then help reveal the style and rhythm of the writing as well as encourage your instincts and imagination to help open up your acting choices. Useful for both sight-reading in auditions as well as working in the rehearsal room. 


This is not a lecture. We will work on the scripts together. You will have the opportunity to put the ideas into action, comment and ask questions as we go along, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 


If you are interested and would like to book or arrange dates, or would just like further information, please contact me.

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