“...fascinating, seething with erotic intrigue and moral confusion. Christian Durham’s production is absorbing and acted with nuance and flavour.” - The Times

“an astutely staged revival” - The Stage

“...a vividly engrossing, unsentimental portrait ... Director Christian Durham uses the Union’s small stage space inventively ... full of grit, wit and heart.” -Time Out * * * * (Critics Choice)

“Christian Durham and choreographer Heather Douglas expertly marshal a talented cast in this vibrant treatment” 

- Sunday Express * * * *

“...frequently bleak, emotional and thought provoking ... imaginative staging ...Durham and his 3rd year student cast offer an evening that is simply breath taking.” - Surrey Advertiser

“Hugely entertaining ... with a splendid disregard for good taste and political correctness” - The Times * * * *

“...hilarious sexual innuendoes...the porn musical for all the family. This is a fantastically performed production ... lewd without being crude and has a curious edge of innocence. ... directed with energy and wit by Christian Durham ... The perfect show to lift your spirits on a rainy afternoon.” - The Stage

“... Christian Durham picks out this dark subtext perfectly, capturing Nicholson’s world as vividly as a Hogarth etching... a palpable hit. - MusicalTheatreReview * * * *

“...Christian Durham direction appropriately captures the grit and hardship throughout, whilst being consistently funny...the creative team are stellar...” - WestEndFrame * * * *

“fascinating two hours of story-telling in a quite remarkable production ...classy staging...unforgettable... This hugely talented team has produced a million-pound production out of nothing” - TheatreMonkeyBook

“Durham’s production of this honest and outspoken play handles it carefully, free of any sentimentality or over dramatisation, and is well served by his cast.” - Britishtheatreguide

“Directed by Christian Durham, the show is an emotional and heartfelt journey of self-discovery. ... perfectly cast group of talented young actors...superb ....” - Broadwayworld

“Durham’s direction stirs with a toxic sexuality” - Underdogreviews

“...first rate in pretty much every way ... the show itself has been expertly crafted to provide a fantastic evening’s entertainment that is definitely worth seeing.” - LondonTheatre * * * *

“this intimate revival, directed by Christian Durham, is delightful.” - BritishTheatreGuide

“Director Christian Durham has created a stunningly beautiful production. Children of Eden feels fresh and has a charming innocence that many musicals lack.” - Fairypowered

“The story ... is staged simply, peacefully and magnificently.” - Rewritethisstory * * * * *

“the Union has made a revival outshine its original production.” - MusicalTheatreReviews * * * * *

“...As ever, it is the directorial vision and the skills and commitment of the cast that count for the most in a revival, and now playing at the Union Theatre is Christian Durham’s production of Children of Eden which is beautifully thought through, where simplicity and honesty take to the fore, as well as some fun with puppets.... Durham makes some inspired choices ... his production is chock full of detail and action ... Ain’t It Good? Asks one of Schwartz’s songs. Yes, it is.” - Livetheatreuk